We @ L3Cube are a few like minded people who are interested in mentoring undergraduate students projects. Amongst us – we do cover broad range of topics including but not limited to – systems – kernel as well as interesting user space applications, applications – web based and even desktop too! (oh yes!).

Take a look at our projects – that will help you understand sort of things we’ve done.


We see this as a playground or experimenting with our ideas and also a good opportunity to work with undergrad students. We believe in some small way – we are helping people learn few things, while we also get our ideas ratified – so this is kind of a win-win situation for both us as well as undergrad students.


Well we start by introducing ourselves to your college. So far we’ve been working almost exclusively with P.I.C.T students, but we are considerng forking out. If you’d like – please invite us (check Contact) to give an intro talk to your college. Subsequently – we’ve a selection process in which you’d be filling an online form – which helps us understand the groups better. If we do like you – we give you some programming assignments. It’s important for us to know that you know how to code. Subsequently we’d have an in person talk with some of the groups and finally we’d short list about 4-5 groups. If you’ve an idea that we like and you in turn like us – there’s a chance that we can mentor you (ie.if we think we can add value to your idea).